Green Lentils Flour 500g - Celnat - Crisdietética

Green Lentils Flour 500g - Celnat

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Celnat Green Lentil Flour 500g

Very popular since ancient times, green lentils are the richest in iron and protein of all vegetables.
It will enrich your simplest recipes and add a gourmet touch to your dishes.
Lentils belong to the legume family and to the subfamily Papilionaceae.
Green lentils are one of the first legumes to be domesticated, 9000 or 10 years ago, probably together with wheat.
Originally from Mesopotamia and the Middle East, its culture was spread over the Mediterranean.
Very popular in Egypt (at the time of the pharaohs), it was ironically denigrated because in ancient Greece it was considered the food of the poor.
Very quickly, lentils spread to the east and over the centuries it has become an essential food for the peoples of North Africa, the Middle East and India. Successfully introduced to America in the 16th century, it took a while to grow in the United States and Canada.
The lens comes in many different varieties and shapes (blonde, green, brown, red, large, medium or small) and, although ignored by gourmets and long gourmands, it is back in place for several years for consumers.
Lentil flour adds a special flavor to simple dishes.
Usage Suggestions:
This flour can be used to make rustic breads and diverse rustic pastries.

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