Macrobiotic and Oriental


Macrobiotics is a philosophy, a lifestyle that aims to help develop human potential, respecting the laws of nature from a biological (through food), ecological (respect for the environment), social and spiritual (respecting the environment) the next). It is based on the ancient Chinese principles of yin and yang, which represent opposite forces but which complement each other, and which exist in all aspects of life and the universe. According to this theory, the disease results from an imbalance of these two forces. Thus, his followers try to solve problems by balancing yin and yang through eating habits and lifestyle changes.

The word macrobiotic derives from the Greek "macros" (great) and "bios" (life) and does not mean only "great life", but also the ability to live it in a grand and magnificent way. In this respect, food has a primary role as it provides the health necessary to enjoy what surrounds us.