Organic Wines

Organic Wines they are nothing less than wines made from organic grapes. This type of production is carried out without the use of chemicals, in revitalized soils and enriched only with organic matter. Dispensing with the use of all polluting products for the environment, organic wines combine the best modern practices with the traditional knowledge of agriculture. Organic producers are required to follow very strict production standards, controlled by Certification bodies, according to international rules.

But if in the vineyard it is possible to achieve 100% organic farming, the same is not true in the cellar. It is still very difficult to eliminate certain practices (such as the use of sulfur dioxide) in the winemaking and wine preservation process, so there are still very few 100% organic wines.

With changes in eating habits and lifestyles, more and more consumers appear interested in this type of wine and, with this, more and more producers offering this option.