Chewing Gum Xylitol Blueberry - Solmirco - Chrysdietética

Xylitol Blueberry Chewing Gum - Solmirco

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Xylitol Blueberry Chewing Gum - Solmirco

Chewing gum.

- Prevents cavities. 
- Refreshing effect.
- Reduces bacterial plaque.
- No sugar.
- 100% natural Xylitol.
- Suitable for children, diabetics and celiacs.


  • Xylitol, Gum, Aroma, Gum arabic, Glycerin, Soy lecithin, Titanium dioxide, Carnauba wax.

How to use
Adults: You can chew up to 5 to 7 lozenges per day. Children: Can chew up to 3 to 4 lozenges

Pack of 30 tablets. 

Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children. 

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