Refreshing Muscle Gel 100ml - Star Balm - Crisdietética

Refreshing Muscle Gel 100ml - Star Balm

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Star Balm Refreshing Muscle Gel 100ml
Perfect gel for the treatment of injuries and swelling

Therapeutic indications:

STARBALM® Gel Frio is perfect for the treatment of injuries and swelling, the effect of immediate cold makes the gel go directly to the core of the muscle. The gel is quickly absorbed through the skin, due to its liquid formula. They can also be used to treat inflammation or to relax overworked muscles, it helps the skin to recover from bruises.

PVM / MA decadene Crosspolymer
Eucalyptus oil
Cassia Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Mentilla Acetate
Polyethylene glycol
Blue acid
Ethyl alcohol
Purified water

Apply on the skin and massage lightly until it is absorbed.

Bottle with 100 ml.

External use.

Avoid contact with eyes.

It can cause an allergic reaction in people with very sensitive skin. If this happens, stop using the product immediately.

Do not apply compresses or gauze over the skin area where you applied the product.

Do not swallow, do not apply to injured skin.

Store in a dry place and at a temperature below 25 °.

The safety of this product in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding has not been determined, therefore, its use in these situations is not recommended without proper medical monitoring.

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