Mineral Deodorant with Aloe Vera 60gr Corpore Sano - Chrysdietética

Mineral Deodorant with Aloe Vera 60gr Corpore Sano

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Potassium Alum + Aloe Vera. This mineral deodorant is natural and does not stain. This deodorant is sparingly soluble in water and has astringent properties on the skin. On the one hand, its astringent action allows to reduce the perspiration of the skin and, on the other hand, its acid character acts, inhibiting the development of the microorganisms that are in the skin and that are the causes of the appearance of the bad odor, by the bacterial decomposition of the skin. sweat.

Deodorizes, does not stain or irritate!

Contains natural mineral salts from bauxite and aloe vera extract.

Contains no aluminum hydrochloride, paraben preservatives, allergens or perfumes.

- Eliminates the appearance of bad odor.
- Does not irritate the skin.

Format: 60 gr.

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