Cold Spray 150ml - Star Balm - Chrysdietética

Cold Spray 150ml - Star Balm

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Cold Spray 150ml by Star Balm Spray indicated for quick action on injuries

Therapeutic indications:

Star balm cold spray is used when there is painful contact in sport, when you have a sprained ankle or a bruise. The spray will reduce swelling immediately, and is very easy to use and suitable for carrying at any time. The use of this spray right after the injury helps to disinfect the area and aid in its recovery.

PVM / MA decadiene
Eucalyptus oil
Cassia Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Mentilla Acetate
Ethyl alcohol
Purified water

Shake before using, apply on the muscles that you will use with the most muscle tension before training, and wait a few seconds.

Can with 150 ml.

External use.

Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes or other sensitive parts of the body.

It can cause an allergic reaction in people with very sensitive skin.

Test on a small skin surface before final application.

Do not swallow, do not apply to injured skin. Pressure vessel.

Protect the packaging from sunlight and keep it below 50 ° C.
Do not spray on a hot surface or flames or other sources of heat.

Flammable product.

The safety of this product in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding has not been determined, therefore, its use in these situations is not recommended without proper medical monitoring.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

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