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Thompson Bromelain 500mg 30 Capsules

Bromelain is a digestive enzyme derived from pineapple that is used, as an anti-inflammatory, for its blocking action of pro-inflammatory metabolites, very useful in the case of sports injuries, trauma, arthritis, gout and osteoarticular inflammations. It is also important in cases of phlebitis and in the recovery of post-surgery hematomas, avoiding the formation of clots and facilitating circulation.

Bromelain acts, in synergy with turmeric (turmeric), through its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic, anticoagulant, diuretic and clot eliminating properties, and can help in different situations, such as in the treatment of arthritis, digestive disorders, sinusitis and cancer. Bromelain prevents the growth of tumor cells and hydrolyzes collagen. By attacking fat fibers and water, it breaks them down into amino acids and facilitates their elimination, also helping in case of fluid retention and in the removal of cell debris resulting from burns or other injuries, accelerating the healing of wounds.

It has been recommended in the treatment of chronic venous poor circulation, bruising vulnerability, hemorrhoids, painful menstruation, autoimmune diseases and ulcerative colitis. It promotes the reduction of the adhesion of blood platelets that lead to the formation of thrombi, mainly at the arterial level. Due to its immune stimulating action, it can be useful as an adjuvant in the treatment of AIDS, by contributing to the reduction of the replication of the virus, in particular, if associated with turmeric, blocking the spread of HIV in infected people.




DOSAGE: Take 2 capsules, 1 to 2 times a day, preferably with a meal

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