Tanning Oil Urucum and Cinnamon 200ml - Real Natura - Crisdietética

Tanning Oil Urucum and Cinnamon 200ml - Real Natura

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Urucum and Cinnamon Tanning Oil 200ml by Real Natura Based on Annatto seed oil, originally from Brazil, rich in beta-carotene, together with Organic Coconut oil and Peanut oil, which help stimulate the production of melanin and make your skin tanned and hydrated by more time. Aroma of Cinnamon. 



Annatto vegetable oil



It should be applied on dry skin, spreading it evenly, 15 minutes, before sun exposure.



No added parabens, dyes, petroleum jelly, paraffin, silicone



Annatto vegetable oil - high content of carotenoids (natural pigments), has protective properties against ultra violet rays and antioxidant action, and is an emollient and moisturizing agent. Intensifies and maintains the tan for longer, giving the skin a beautiful golden tone.

Arachis hypogaea oil ***, juglans regia seed oil ***, cocos nucifera oil *, oryza sativa bran oil ***, bixa Orellana seed oil ***, krameria triandra root oil ***, hippophae rhamnoides oil *** , tocopherol ***, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil *** * biological origin *** natural origin


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