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Cystone 100 Tablets - Himalaya

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Cystone 100 Tablets - Himalaya 

Renal and Urinary System. 

Therapeutic indications

- Prevention of stones formation in the urinary system.
- Normalization of acidic urine.
- Reduction of pain and inflammation.
- Reduction in blood concentration and expulsion of stone-forming substances
- Disintegration and expulsion of kidney stones.

For 2 tablets (daily dose):

  • Extract from shilapusphaDidymocarpus pedicellata - 130 mg extract of pasanabheda, Saxifraga ligulata - 98 mg
  • Extract from mangoist, Rubia cordifolia - 32 mg
  • Extract from naggarmutha, Cyperus scariosus - 32 mg
  • Extract from latjira, Achyranthes aspera - 32 mg
  • Extract from gojihva, Onosma bracteatum - 32 mg
  • Extract from sahadevi, Vernonia Cinerea - 32 mg
  • Lime silicate extract, hajrul yahood bhasma - 32 mg
  • Purified natural mineral asphalt extract, Shilajeet - 26 mg

Dosage and Administration
Take one tablet twice a day with meals.
In cases of lithiasis: 2 tablets three times a day for 6 months.
In cases of cystitis: 2 tablets three times a day, up to 2 months after the infection disappears.
In cases of painful urination: 2 tablets three times a day for at least a week or disappearance of symptoms.
To avoid the formation of calculi or sand after surgery: 2 tablets three times a day for one month, followed by maintenance treatment of 1 tablet three times a day for four months.

Pack of 100 tablets.

Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Do not exceed recommended dose

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