AdelgaCell Cellulite Reducer Cream 250ml - Dietmed - Crisdietética

AdelgaCell Cellulite Reducer Cream 250ml - Dietmed

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AdelgaCell Cellulite Reducer Cream 250ml by Dietmed

To Eliminate Cellulite.


Adelgacell Reducer has a lipolytic, toning and soothing action, helping to eliminate accumulated fat and reduce waist circumference. Other effects include reducing cellulite, eliminating macronodules, increasing microcirculation, and more compact and elastic skin.  

  • Lipolytic, toning and smoothing action;
  • Helps reshape the belly and thighs;
  • Reduces cellulite;
  • Eliminates macro nodules;
  • Reduces adipose tissue;
  • More compact and elastic skin;
  • Increases microcirculation;
  • Reduces the thigh perimeter;
  • Eliminates the accumulated fat that forms cellulite.





  • Lipofirm;
  • Sveltine;
  • Micronized marine algae;
  • Guarana extract;
  • Green tea extract;
  • Karite butter;
  • Refreshing complex.


How to use:

Apply the product daily to the affected area, massaging in circles until completely absorbed.



  • Apply only on intact skin and without abrasions; 
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes; 
  • Wash hands after use; 
  • A low calorie eating plan and exercise is recommended; 
  • Keep out of the reach of children;
  • After a few minutes of application, you may feel a sensation of heat, sometimes accompanied by burning, with a consequent flushing. They are the result of the innovative cosmetic activity of the product. These phenomena are transient (disappear in less than 1 hour) and do not represent intolerance to the product.

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