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Stop Acne 60 Capsules

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Stop Acne capsules, with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients, help in reducing and controlling acne. It should be used in conjunction with the soap and lotion.

Presentation: Bottle with 60 capsules.

Composition: Propolis 100mg, Echinacia 250mg, Aloe 150mg and Pau D´Arco 300mg.

Indications: Acne, spots and blackheads. Broad spectrum of action as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.

Directions for use: 1 to 2 capsules after meals.

Product characteristics: The most common solutions used for skin lesions and acne, are local, based on antiseptics, however, in many cases, the use of these types of solutions is not enough, so there are stop acne capsules, unique in their kind. function as a natural antibiotic, at the same time that they dry out the pimples, they eliminate all the infectious foci of the skin. other skin lesions caused by acne.

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