Stevygreen 250g - Specchiasol - Chrysdietetic

Stevygreen 250g - Specchiasol

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Stevygreen 250g by Specchiasol

The properties and benefits of stevia

  • Powerful natural sweetener, being considered the most powerful sugar in the world;
  • Contains few calories;
  • It makes sugar absorption difficult during the digestion, being very beneficial for diabetics and people who want to lose weight;
  • Inhibits the formation of plaque and dental caries;
  • It is not toxic;
  • It does not contain artificial ingredients;
  • It can be used for cooking;
  • In addition to its sweetening capacity, stevia also has many medicinal properties. The tea prepared from its leaves is indicated for cases of diabetes, hyperactivity, high blood pressure, indigestion, candidiasis and obesity. In addition, it is a great healthy tonic for the skin and reduces the need for tobacco, alcohol and carbohydrates.

Stevia tea

The tea prepared with the leaves of this plant has a sweet taste, is diuretic, slightly soothing, helps in detoxifying the body, reducing anxiety and helps to regulate blood glucose levels.

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