Bio Chestnut Linseed Seeds 500gr - Provida - Chrysdietética

Brown Linseed Seeds Bio 500gr - Provida

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Brown Linseed Seeds Bio 500gr - Provida


- Brown linseed has a more intense flavor and denser shell than golden linseed.
- They are rich in fiber, unsaturated fats and source of protein.


  • Brown Linseed Seeds from organic production.
  • PT-BIO-04 Origin: non-EU.

Nutritional Statement
Per 100gr:

Energy - 2102kJ/510kcal; Lipids - 42g, of which Saturated - 3,66g, of which Monounsaturated - 7,5g, of which Polyunsaturated - 28,7g (Omega 3 - 22,8g, Omega 6 - 5,9g); Carbohydrates - 1,58g, of which sugars - 1,5g; Fiber - 27g; Proteins - 18g; Salt - 0,075g; Calcium - 255mg (31%VRN*); Iron - 5,73mg (40%VRN*); Magnesium - 392mg (104%VRN*). *VRN - Nutrient reference value.

How to use 
In salads, yogurts or as an ingredient in bakery recipes, cakes or biscuits. They can be boiled in water (30g per litre) and the extract drunk, 2 to 3 cups a day.

Packaging with 500 grams. 

Store in a cool, dry place. 

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