Hulled Hemp Seeds 250g - Iswari - Crisdietética

Peeled Hemp Seeds 250g - Iswari

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Peeled Hemp Seeds 250g - Iswari


Therapeutic indications

- Rich in phosphorus.
- Source of magnesium and potassium.
- Omega.
- Rich in protein.
- Without gluten.
- Lactose free. 


  • 100% husked hemp seeds
Nutritional Statement
Per 100gr:
Energy 2527/610 kJ/kcal
50 g lipids
5 g saturated fatty acids
5 carbohydrates g
sugars 10 g
8.5 fiber g
32 g proteins
0.05 salt g

Dosage and Administration
Take 1 tablespoon (15g) daily. 
Add to soups, salads, yogurts or to make hemp drink.

Packaging with 250 grams. 

Store in a cool, dry place.

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