Ginex Liquid Soap 330ml - Dietmed - Crisdietética

Ginex Liquid Soap 330ml - Dietmed

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Ginex Liquid Soap 330ml - Dietmed

Intimate Hygiene. 

ITherapeutic indications
- For daily intimate hygiene
- Regenerates and smoothes the skin
- Protection of mucous membranes
- Healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
- Deodorant

Soap with a gentle formulation with multi plant extracts, including Malvas, Aloe Vera, Algae, Chamomile, Alteia, Aquilea and St. skin. It also has a deodorant function. Ideal for the most sensitive epidermis.

Dosage and Administration
After applying the liquid soap, let it act a little before removing it with plenty of water.


Store in a dry, cool and dark place.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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