Whole Rye Flakes BIO 400g - Provida - Chrysdietética

Whole Rye Flakes BIO 400g - Provida

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Whole Rye Flakes BIO 400g - Provida

Breakfast cereals.

- Theobtained through hot steaming (pre-cooking) and pressing the grain, preserving the fundamental nutritional properties of the rye.
- Rich in fiber, source of protein, very low in salt, low in fat and sugar.


  • RYE from organic production. PT-BIO-04 Origin: EU.

Nutritional Statement
Per 100g:

Energy - 1383 kJ/328 kcal; Lipids - 1,8g, of which saturated - 0,2g; Carbohydrates - 60g of which sugars -1,1g; Fiber - 15,1g; Proteins - 10,3g; Salt -0,01g.

How to use
For better digestion cooked with twice as much water, a pinch of salt and lemon peel, stir until boiling, cover the container and cook for 10-15 minutes. Because they are pre-cooked, they can be consumed directly added to milk or cereal drink. They can also be used in the preparation of mueslis, porridge, in pastries, in baking or in other different recipes.

Packaging with 400 grams.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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