Pressed Oat Flakes Bio 400g - Provida - Chrysdietética

Pressed Oat Flakes Bio 400g - Provida

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Pressed Oat Flakes Bio 400g - Provida

Breakfast cereals.

Obtained from the pressing and steaming of oats.
- It has a pleasant taste and a high fiber content.
- Protein source.


  • OATS from organic production. PT-BIO-04 Origin: EU (Finland).

Nutritional Statement
Per 100g:

  • Energy - 1551kJ/368kcal; Lipids - 7,6g, saturated fats - 1,3g; Carbohydrates - 56g, of which sugars - 1,1g; Fiber - 10g; Proteins - 14g; Salt - 0,01g; Iron - 4,25mg (30%VRN*); Phosphorus - 410mg (58%VRN*); Magnesium - 138mg (36%VRN*), P

How to use 
Ready to consume. Added to milk or cereal drinks. They can be used in the preparation of mueslis, porridge, in pastries and baking.

Packaging with 400 grams. 

Store in a cool, dry place. 

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