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Custom Natural Cream

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The base cream is ideal for the preparation of personalized synergies, with essential and vegetable oils, to be applied both on the face and on the body. With aloe vera to vegetable oils of sweet almonds, apricot seeds, wheat germ and aloe vera. Ideal base for making personalized formulas with essential oils. Recommended in: The realization of any type of personalized formula. We can use it as a day cream for facial use. Suitable for all skin types and also for parts of the body that tend to dry out, such as elbows, heels, hands, etc ... But also from this natural based cream, we can develop a customized cream, if we add vegetable oils, extracts plant lipids and essential oils. Ingredients: water, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, virgin vegetable oils from almonds and apricot seeds, rice starch hydrolyzate, xanthan gum and natural vitamin E. Presentation: 40 gram packaging Company: Dietary Intersa / Aroms Esencial. How to use: Add the appropriate essential oils to the desired amount of cream, mix with a glass rod or spatula and apply. Contains spatula to facilitate mixing of ingredients. Steps to make the personalized cream: Mix the vegetable oils and the desired lipid extracts. Add the drops of essential oil to the previously prepared mixture. From the mixture resulting from the two previous steps, add 1, 2 or 3 ml to the jar of natural base cream and mix with the spatula until all the ingredients are homogenized, which we can appreciate when buying one

How to make a personalized natural cream Did you know that hands are one of the least lubricated parts by our body? The problem of dry and cracked hands is one of the most common problems in women and men, since it is one of the parts of our body that we use more, but less, protect. Continuous exposure to cold, wind, moisture or the use of creams with low hydration power causes dryness and cracking. Here, we show you how you can create a custom cream to care for your hands during the cold winter. General methodology: extreme hygiene measures during preparation Ingredients: 1 jar of CREAM NATURAL BASE. Virgin vegetable oil from AGUACATE. SANDALO essential oil. Prepare 5 ml of AVOCADO virgin vegetable oil, add 5 drops of SANDAL essential oil. Add 2 ml of the prepared mixture to the jar of natural base cream and mix with the spatula until a smooth and homogeneous consistency is obtained. Note: when the cream rests, small drops of oil may appear on the surface, which should be considered normal. The cream will last 6 months after opening the bottle.

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