Dark Chocolate Covered Cocoa Wafer 40g - Schar - Crisdietética

40g Dark Chocolate Covered Cocoa Wafer - Schar

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Schar 40g Dark Chocolate Covered Cocoa Wafer
Gluten-free cocoa wafer with dark chocolate icing.
Specially formulated for people with gluten intolerance.
Wheat-free wafers.
Without egg.
Package contains 2 wafers.

42% dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithin of soybean, natural flavoring), potato starch, sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa 5,2%, hazelnuts 2%, flour soybean, emulsifier: lecithin of soybean, thickener: guar grain flour, yeast: sodium hydrogen carbonate, milk skinny powder.


Average statement by 100g 20g (one wafer)
Energy law 541Kcal / 2259KJ 107Kcal / 448KJ
Lipids 32g 6,4g
of which saturated fatty acids 21g 4,2g
Carbohydrates 56g 11g
of which sugars 32g 6,4g
Fiber 4,7g 0,9g
Proteins 5,0g 1,0g
Sal Island 0,08g 0,02g

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