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Vitamin K2 90mcg 60 Capsules - Vitalize

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Vitamin K2 90mcg 60 Capsules from Vitalize

Bone strengthening and cardiovascular health

Vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone 7, works in two directions:

  • Keeps arteries clean and unobstructed;
  • Promotes calcium absorption in bones.

The effect of vitamin K2 on blood vessels has been widely studied by the University of Maastricht. It was proved, through one of the studies carried out, that supplementation of 180 micrograms of vitamin K2 per day, for 3 years, by a group of women, significantly improved, the flexibility of blood vessels and bone density, compared to the group of control.

Calcium is an incredibly important mineral.

His function is much more than just "building" material for bones and teeth, he plays a crucial role in all types of biological processes.

  • The main function of vitamin K is to modify proteins to give them the ability to bind calcium. In this way, it "activates" the properties of calcium-binding proteins.


Vitamin K2 is the largely responsible for directing calcium for bone absorption.

Vitalize vitamin K2 is prepared by submerged fermentation using B. licheniformis like the productive strain and the chickpea flour (this flour is the flour made from dry chickpeas, also known as garbanzo or grass flour).


Chickpeas are used instead of soybeans to minimize the risk of potential allergy to legumes.


Both vitamins D3 and K2 promote the absorption of calcium in the bones.

----- » The difference: vitamin K2 removes calcium from the arteries.

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