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V-Protein 240g Strawberry - GoldNutrition

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GoldNutrition V-Protein 240g Strawberry

Therapeutic indications:

  • Complement high-protein or vegetarian diets;
  • Add an alkalizing protein source to the diet;
  • Promote muscle definition.


Pea Protein (92%), Brown Rice Protein (3%), Flavor, Color (Beet Red), Spectra™ (Coffea Arabica, Broccoli Sprout Concentrate, Green Tea Extract, Onion Extract, Apple Extract, acerola extract, Camu Camu, quercetin, tomato concentrate, broccoli concentrate, açaí concentrate, turmeric concentrate, garlic concentrate, basil concentrate, oregano concentrate, cinnamon concentrate, elderberry concentrate, carrot concentrate , mangosteen concentrate, gooseberry concentrate, blueberry extract, cherry concentrate, blackberry concentrate, aronia concentrate, raspberry concentrate, spinach concentrate, kale concentrate, cranberry extract, brussel sprout concentrate), chloride of sodium.


You can consume one shake a day in addition to your protein intake. To prepare a smoothie add a flat measure (24g) to 200ml of water, shake well and it's ready to serve. You can also use this protein to make a vegan bowl.


Package with 240g.


Not recommended:

  • In case of kidney or liver failure

Also recommended

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