VC 15 Forte Neo 24 Ampoules - Dr. Reckeweg - Chrysdietética

VC 15 Forte Neo 24 Ampoules - Dr. Reckeweg

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VC 15 Forte Neo 24 Ampoules - Dr. Reckeweg

Stimulate your body's defense mechanisms

Therapeutic indications

  • Exhaustion
  • Nerve exhaustion
  • Depressive states
  • Effects of stress daily
  • Remineralizing
  • Anemia
  • Anorexia
  • Convalescent states, especially after febrile or postoperative syndromes
  • General invigorating (increases work capacity and concentration)
  • Changes in libido and / or impotence

Pack of 24 ampoules

Stimulate your body's defense mechanisms

Therapeutic indications:

They are based on the traditional uses of each of the homeopathic components. These include: exhaustion; nervous exhaustion; depressive states; effects of stress daily; remineralizing; anemia; anorexia; convalescent states, especially after febrile or postoperative syndromes; general invigorating (increases work capacity and concentration); changes in libido and / or impotence. 

Indications for each component of the homeopathic complex:
Acid phosphoricum - psychic (intellectual) and sexual asthenia; lack of interest following setbacks or great disgust; indifference; fails to understand, to assimilate; headache with intellectual work; chronic diarrhea; unsatisfactory erection and depression after intercourse; rapid growth.

cocculus - difficulties in understanding and reasoning after intellectual stress - exam period, work nights and time differences (air travel); vertigo syndrome; nausea and vomiting of pregnancy; abdominal gas cramps; dysmenorrhea with nausea, exhaustion and even fainting; pale faces and adynamia; feeling of numbness in the limbs, in the neck (it costs to keep the head up); lack of strength in the knees; nervous, irritable and sensitive to suffering; all symptoms are aggravated by movement: traveling by car, train, boat or plane, by the noise and smoke of tobacco; improves with the heat and closing the window. 

dioic helonians - depression (with insomnia) related to the uterus (which is sensitive, even painful), making it worse to think about it; sensitive (even swollen) breasts; tendency to leukorrhea (similar to curd) and vaginal mycosis; improves by being busy (doesn't think); salivation; puberty or peri-menopause. 

Ignatia - general hypersensitivity, to smells (of food, tobacco, unless it is your own), alcohol; esophageal spasms from the stomach to the mouth (feeling of a ball in the throat); feeling of numb hands and / or asthenia (as if paralyzed / o) when emotional; has a tendency to cry; paradoxically they cry with joy and laugh in situations of crying (for example at conferences, masses, burials), sleep better in the noise, digest better heavy foods (the light stuffing); they sigh frequently, they lack air and cannot breathe deeply; hiccups; nervous coughing (and burping); eyelids flutter; worsening after emotional and affective shocks. 

Panax ginseng - adaptogenic, immunostimulating, general invigorating (increases work capacity and concentration); sport; improves libido; states of exhaustion, stress; anemia. 

Sepia - feeling of exhaustion, of organic and “mental” ptosis (depression, pessimism); it seems that the uterus wants to leave (prolapse), feeling of heaviness in the pelvis (in the anus); hot flashes; sexual and affective indifference (even towards the family); he seeks solitude, sees black life, deep anguish and an easy tear when asked or if he tries to comfort himself; irritable during menstruation; improves sitting and with legs crossed, with the occupation (doing physical exercise), but does not want to be distracted; occipital headaches, worse in the morning upon waking; usually milk intolerance; constipation; liver congestion, with nausea (morning), sensitivity to smells (nausea to food), hemorrhoids and frequent cystitis; eczema. 

Zincum metallicum - weakening of intellectual functions (difficult understanding and memorization); general fatigue, but nervous hyperexcitability with agitation of the legs and feet (does not stop moving) especially during insomnia; screams while sleeping; worsening of tremors, headache and nausea with wine, alcoholic beverages, sedatives, coffee and noise; urine better seated or tilted backwards; women improve their periods; tingling and feeling of numbness or insects walking on the skin; head movements during fever; convulsions; dizziness upon waking; after emotional stress, or suppression of rashes (for example after using corticosteroids). 

Values ​​per 100g: 
Acidum phosphoricum D4 - 4,0g
Cocculus D5 - 4,0g
Helonias dioica D5 - 4,0g
Ignatia D5 - 4,0g
Panax ginseng D4 - 1,0g
Sepia D6 - 1,0g
Zincum metallicum D6 - 0,1g
Vinum liquorosum - 52,0g
Aqua purificata - 29,9g

Prepared according to the standards of the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. Contains 18% vol. Alcohol. 

Dosage and Administration:
Unless otherwise indicated, the dose for adults is one ampoule, once or twice a day.

As a prophylaxis take one ampoule a day.

Pack of 24 ampoules

This medicine is only intended for use in adults.

Shake before consuming.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Store in a dry, cool and protected from light.

Administer this medicine during pregnancy and lactation only after advice from a healthcare professional.

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