Gluten Free Rusks Pan Roasted 260g - Schar - Crisdietética

Gluten Free Rusks Pan Toasted 260g - Schar

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Schar Gluten Free Rusks Pan 260g

Gluten free, wheat free and lactose free.
No preservatives.
Without egg.
Especially formulated for people with gluten intolerance.

As an alternative to bread, toasts are ideal for breakfast and snacks.
Contains 24 toasts.
It contains three individual packages (3x86,7g) each with 8 toasts.
Fiber source.
No palm oil.
corn starch, rice flour, sunflower oil with high oleic acid content, sugar, vegetable fibers (psyllium, bamboo), rice syrup, thickener: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, buckwheat flour, lentil flour, pea protein, yeast , salt, natural aroma.


Average statement by 100g 10,8g = 1 toast)
Energy law 1656kJ / 393kcal 179kJ / 42kcal
Lipids 6,3g 0,7g
of which saturated 0,6g 0,1g
Carbohydrates 76g 8,2g
of which sugars 4,4g 0,5g
Fiber 8,1g 0,9g
Proteins 3,9g 0,4g
Sal Island 1,8g 0,19g

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