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Extreme Term 500ml - Nutriflor

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Extreme Term 500ml by Nutriflor


In a diet regime, normally, after some time, the body can no longer lose weight at the same rate as in the beginning, the last few pounds insist on not disappearing and weight on the “stagnant” scale.

TERMO EXTREME is a unique formula, studied in detail to go much further than a simple drain, “stirring” the metabolism so that it finally overcomes the most persistent pounds, fighting this stagnant effect. Its 100% natural assets operate on several fronts for an exceptional global result:

ADAPTOGENIC EFFECT - to increase organic resistance to adverse situations and balance endocrine functions, counteracting the effects of stress and physical or psychological asthenia. Rodiola is a natural adaptogen that contributes to the improvement of physical condition and performance, helping the body in terms of resistance to physical effort and stress to face during a diet diet program.

THERMOGENIC EFFECT - to stimulate the metabolism (the conversion of food into energy and heat within the body) and to actively promote the “burning of fat” deposited in adipose tissue. Guarana and Ginseng are present in this formula to stimulate the metabolism of fats ”and consequent weight loss.

DIGESTIVE AND DEPURATIVE EFFECT - for gastric comfort, elimination of toxins and good functioning of the liver system, namely through Artichoke and Silymarin (extracted from Cardo Mariano), as well as Anis and Verbena.

GENTLE INTESTINAL REGULATOR - Fig helps to balance the intestinal microflora and consequently assists intestinal transit. Artichoke contributes to the normal function of the intestinal tract.


Adults: For the first 15 days, take 70 ml a day. After this period you can keep the same dose or choose to take 50 ml a day.

It is recommended to take the product for a minimum period of 2 months.

Administration orally, diluted in water or natural juice. Shake well before using.

Option 1:

Dilute half the daily dose (35 ml or 25 ml) in a glass filled with water and take on an empty stomach.

The other half should be taken in the afternoon with another glass of water, preferably without meals.

Option 2:

Dilute the total daily dose in 1 L of water and take it during the morning and afternoon, preferably without meals.


Due to the lack of studies that confirm the safety of use in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, do not use in these situations, unless medically indicated.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity, allergy or when interactions of another product with any of the constituents of this formulation are described.

Contains sweetener, its excessive consumption can have laxative effects.

Store in a dry and cool place, in the original packaging and at a temperature below 25ºC. Preserve from light and heat.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

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