Super Green Protein 250g - Iswari - Chrysdietética

Super Green Protein 250g - Iswari

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Iswari Super Green Protein 250g

Mixture of three powdered vegetable proteins.
Exclusive Iswari blend with hemp, rice and pea protein plus Spirulina, chlorella and Matcha
Iswari Super Green Protein is the basic combination of three vegetable proteins: Hemp, Rice and Pea.
The goal is to combine an interesting spectrum of amino acids in order to meet our body's needs.
The addition of Green Superfoods will give you the extra boost of vitality!

Rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein, spirulina (3%), chlorella (3%) and matcha (3%).

How to Take / Use:
Add 2-3 teaspoons to smoothies / juices, Energy balls / bars, Sports shakes

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