SUN WAKASA GOLD PLUS 500ml - Chrysdietetic

Sun Wakasa Gold Plus 500ml - Natiris

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Sun Wakasa Gold Plus 500ml - Natiris 

Immunity system.

Therapeutic indications 

- With chlorella extract.
- Growth factor rich in RNA and DNA.
- ORIt is an excellent aid to the digestive process, as well as the lemon essence that gives it a refreshing taste.


  • Concentrated Chlorella Extract (53%), Bulking Agents: Purified Water, Fructose, Acidity Regulator: DL - Malic Acid, Lemon Essence, Capsicum Extract.

Nutritional Statement
Per 15ml:

energy 32,7/7,8 kJ/kcal
1.815 carbohydrates g
sugars 1.815 g
protein 0.15 g
00.07 salt g

Dosage and Administration
Take 15 ml a day, plain or diluted in water, at the beginning of a meal. Use the measuring cup included in the package. After opening, close tightly with the lid and store in the fridge.

Pack of 500ml.

Store in a dry and cool environment until opening. After opening, store in the fridge.

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