Matimalt Biological Coffee Substitute 125g - Favrichon - Crisdietética

Biological Coffee Substitute Matimalt 125g - Favrichon

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Organic Matimalt Coffee Substitute 125g from Favrichon

Matimalt - soluble roasted mixture from organic farming.
Naturally caffeine free.
chicory *, RYE *, BARLEY *, BARLEY malt *, figs *, acorns *. * certified organic farming ingredients.
Usage Suggestions:
put 2 teaspoons of Matimalt in a cup and add boiling water or hot or cold milk. This drink is obtained by infusing plants and cereals according to the recipe developed by Joseph Favrichon over a century ago. Matimalt is an instant drink that can be consumed for breakfast or at any time of the day in a light and tasty break.

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