Salty Snack Curvies Potato Flavor Barbecue 170g - Schar - Crisdietética

Salty Snack Potato Curvies Flavor Barbecue 170g - Schar

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Schar Salted Snack Schar Barbecue Flavor 170g from Schar

Chips - Crispy potato appetizer with a gluten-free barbecue flavor.
Especially formulated for people with gluten intolerance.
No palm oil.

Dehydrated potatoes 55%, sunflower oil, rice flour, glucose syrup, potato starch, aroma, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, rapeseed oil, salt, dye: pepper extract, smoke aroma.


Nutritional declaration (average) by: 100g 24g (approximately 10 chips)
Energy law 2062KJ / 493kcal 495kJ / 118kcal
Lipids 25g 6,0g
Of which saturated 2,5g 0,6g
Carbohydrates 61g 15g
Of which sugars 7,1g 1,7g
Fiber 4,3g 1,0g
Proteins 4,5g 1,1g
Sal Island 1,4g 0,33g

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