SlimLemon Duo 30 Capsules + 20 Pills - Fharmonat - Chrysdietética

SlimLimão Duo 30 Capsules + 20 Tablets - Fharmonat

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SlimLemon Duo 30 Capsules + 20 Tablets from Fharmonat

Indicated for the Digestive System

SlimLimão duo benefits from the action of the capsule: it is composed of ingredients that act in synergy and are complemented by its thermogenic, anti-cellulite, purifying, toning and antioxidant action.

This supplement also takes advantage of the action of the tablet: composed of ingredients with purifying, detoxifying, satiating, digestive and laxative properties.


  • Intestinal regulator;
  • Depurative;
  • Detoxifying;
  • Laxative.



Capsules; CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid); Green Tea (camellia sinensis); Grapefruit (citrus paradis); Natural Vitamin E; Tablets; Linseed (linum usitatissium); Wheat (triticum aestivum); Artichoke (cynara scolymus); Dandelion (taraxacum officinale); Oats (avena sativa); Psilio Husk (plantago); Grapefruit (citrus paradis); Cascara Sagrada (rhamnus purshianus); Gastroresistant probiotic complex; Apple pectin; Pineapples (ananas comusus);



Day capsules: Take 1 capsule at lunch and 1 at dinner.

Night pills: Take 1 tablet at bedtime with a good glass of water.

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose;
  • Keep out of the reach of children, in a cool, dry place, away from light.

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