Shock Anti Fall Molecular DNA 100ml - Valquer - Crisdietética

Shock Anti Fall Molecular DNA 100ml - Valquer

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Shock Anti Falling Molecular DNA 100ml by Valquer Shock molecular DNA lotion for hair loss to reduce hair loss.

This hair lotion is an effective combination of Stimucap (molecular DNA + tripeptides) and Group B vitamins, which regulates the physiological processes of the hair and stimulates the capillary root metabolism, stopping hair loss and progressively strengthening the hair. With regular application, we achieve greater resistance to hair and less hair loss. It is a product well tolerated by the scalp, without negative effects and without any type of irritation. It is certified as Halal and contains vitamins B6, B3 and calcium pantothenate .

But its formulation stands out for containing stimucap, a new and powerful metabolic agent, regulating the physiological processes of hair loss, which was highly effective in tests performed on people with alopecia and telogen effluvium. Likewise, tests of "resistance to hair traction", after 3 months of use by volunteers, show that the Stimucap-based lotion increases the resistance of hair fibers by 40,0%. Likewise, the study showed significant statistics on subjective tolerability and perceived effectiveness after 2 and 3 months of treatment with the Stimucap lotion. The tested products proved to be well tolerated and none had any negative effects, nor did they induce any irritation of the scalp. and the participants claimed to be a highly effective product, tolerable and very easy to use as a treatment. And it is recommended for intensive treatment: a daily application for two weeks; while for maintenance, two applications per week.

Indications for use:

  1. With freshly washed and damp hair, spray on the scalp, massaging gently with your fingertips. 

  2. Do not clarify.


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Maximum Respect
Not tested on animals and respectful of the environment according to ISO 14001 certificate
Certified Quality
Laboratory and manufacturer certified according to standards: ISO 9001. ISO 14001. ISO 22716. Aenor R + D + ie Halal certification
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With the guarantee of the best WATER: purified (emulsions). osmotized (oxidants and dyes) and / or decalcified (shampoos).

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