Eye Contour Serum Hemp Oil 15ml - Dr.Organic - Crisdietética

Eye Contour Serum Hemp Oil 15ml - Dr.Organic

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Dr.Organic Hemp Oil Eye Contour Serum 15ml


Soothing Nourishing Moisturizer.
Scientifically proven effects: appearance 6 years younger in 4 weeks, improves cell renewal and elasticity, antioxidant protection, anti-aging.
Bio hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids and omega 3, 6 and 9, essential for healthy looking skin and is described as nature's most perfectly balanced oil.
The mixture of bioactive and biological ingredients, including olive leaf extract, levana (polysaccharide) and jujube seed extract, which are combined with the unique properties of this wonderful oil, resulting in a serum that helps to soften and moisturize the delicate area around the eyes.
Bioactive, natural and bio ingredients: hemp seed oil, green tea leaf extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, aloe vera juice, safflower oil, iguape nut oil, moringa seed oil, olive leaf extract, levana, jujube seed extract, horsetail extract, hops extract, hibiscus extract, elderflower extract, blueberry extract, vitamin E.
Usage Suggestions:
Apply a small amount of serum, twice a day, to the skin around the eyes, massaging gently towards the nose.

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