Baby Moisturizing Soap (Sensitive Skin Soap) 75g - Himalaya Herbals - Chrysdietética

Baby Moisturizing Soap (Sensitive Skin Soap) 75g - Himalaya Herbals

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Baby Moisturizing Soap 75g by Himalaya Herbals
Ultra soft and moisturizing, the baby soap restores the natural hydration of the baby's skin, while gently washing it. Enriched with olive oils, rich in vitamins A and E, and sweet almonds, emollient and natural skin moisturizer, of high nutritional value, excellent natural source of vitamins A, D, group B, minerals and trace elements, as well as essential oils that leave the skin clean, smooth and nourished.
Olive oil, rich in vitamin E, ensures that your baby's skin remains healthy and lustrous. Sweet almond oil is an excellent skin softener, deeply moisturizing and protecting baby's skin. Baby Soap is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin, removing bad odors and, at the same time, softening and nourishing the skin.
DOSAGE: Exclusive external use: Apply liberally to wet skin of the face or body and rinse thoroughly.

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