Rappid Drainer ampoules - Celeiro da Saúde Lda

Rappid Drainer ampoules

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Presentation | Pack of 20 units.
Flavour | Lemon.

The formula Extreme Cut Ripped Drainer GoldNutrition® favors greater elimination of fats.
Its unique formula contains an association of diuretic plant extracts - Green Tea, Nettle, Bitter Melon - and thermogenic - Caffeine and Potassium. This combination helps to stimulate fat metabolism and delay the absorption of sugars. This makes Extreme Cut Ripped Drainer GoldNutrition® the ideal formula to favor the process of firmness and muscle definition.

100 mg Caffeine
.33,3 mg potassium
.100 mg Green Coffee Extract
.50 mg Green Tea Extract
.50 mg Nettle Extract
.25 mg Bitter Melon Extract

1 ampoule per day

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