GOLDNUTRITION Protein Strawberry 1kg - Celeiro da Saúde Lda

GOLDNUTRITION Protein Strawberry 1kg

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V-Protein GoldNutrition® is a product rich in vegetable proteins (83%). It has in its composition all the essential amino acids for the organism, it does not contain sugars and it has a low saturated fat content.
With a delicious flavor, it also contains Spectra ™, a mixture of 29 fruits, vegetables and herbal extracts with multiple benefits for the body.
It can be used as a supplement or substitute for protein consumption in diets with higher protein needs and in vegetarian and vegan diets, with the protein contributing to the maintenance of muscle mass and bone mass.
Vegetable protein is a more bio-sustainable option because the production of plant-based foods has less impact on the environment and less cost.

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