PROSTERON 250ml - LUSODIET - Chrysdietetic


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Advised in the treatment of prostate problems 

Therapeutic indications:

  • Maintaining a healthy prostate
  • Prostate nutritional and hormonal balance

250 ml bottle

Advised in the treatment of prostate problems 

Therapeutic indications:

Food supplement made with integral extracts of wild plants, advised to all individuals with prostate problems. Rich in phytoactive substances®, and nutrients; Trace elements, proteins and vitamins. 

Prepared with some of the best plant species traditionally used by popular and scientific medicine, as a source of nutrients for the maintaining a healthy prostate. Exclusive formula prepared according to modern extraction techniques, at low temperature, which guarantee us all the phytoactive® and nutritive potential of its components. 

Of the plants used, we highlight; The fruit of SABAL or palmeto, rich in essential oil, fat oil, enzymes, tannins and sitosterol, substances that produce a toning action; ABÓBORA AMERICANA seeds, rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, cucurbitacins, fat oil, enzymes and albumin, increase the volume of urine; INDIAN CHESTNUT, rich in vitamins B1, K and P, saponins, flavonic compounds, coumarins (aesculatin) and tannins, important substances for the nutritional and hormonal balance of the prostate

It is not a medication, it does not cause addiction, nor does it cause toxic side effects. It does not contain substances of animal origin. Prepared under pharmaceutical control.

Values ​​per 30ml:
Liquid extracts from: 
Urtica dioica, Nettles, plant - 6,21 ml
Maximum cucurbita, Pumpkin, seed - 5,31 ml
Ortosiphon stamineus, Ortósifo, leaf - 5,31 ml
Sabal serrulata, heart of palm, fruit - 3,54 ml
Aesculus hippocastanum, Horse Chestnut, fruit - 3,4 ml
Water excipient

Energy value - average per gram: 1,900 Kcal. 
Nutritional value - average%: 
Carbs 0,284
Protide 2,480
Vegetable lipids 0,37
Mineral salts 0,478
Route of administration: Oral

Dosage and Administration:
Adults: 30 ml per day; 10 ml before each of the three main meals.
Take the recommended dose diluted in table water, measured in the measuring cup included in the package. 
Add water until it reaches about 3/4 of the total capacity of the measuring cup. 

250 ml bottle

Unless otherwise stated, do not exceed the recommended dose.

This product does not replace a varied diet. 

Can be taken by diabetics

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