Kids Bamboo Patches with Coconut Oil - Patch - Crisdietética

Kids Bamboo Patches with Coconut Oil - Patch

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Patch Kids Bamboo Patches with Coconut Oil

Bamboo with panda designs - Hypoallergenic - Allergenic.
Ideal for grazes and abrasions.
Contains coconut oil PATCH, and is indicated to help calm down in case of small falls, bumps and scratches.
The gauze of PATCH KIDS dressings is enriched with coconut oil and suitable for sensitive skin of children.
The appealing design with panda drawings helps children to feel more comfortable in the small emergencies of life.
Made with super soft natural bamboo fabric and gauze with pressure sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive (PSA). Latex. Biodegradable.
Usage Suggestions:
Indications: Clean and dry the area, apply the dressing and change the dressing as often as necessary to ensure a quick recovery.

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