Purifying Toothpaste 75ml Corpore Sano - Crisdietética

Corpore Sano Purifying Toothpaste 75ml

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Corpore Sano Purifying Toothpaste 75ml it is purifying and results in fresh breath. It was made with natural ingredients and organically grown vegetables, such as thyme, mint and basil extracts.

Provides a smooth oral cleaning, without damaging the tooth enamel, thanks to the combination of natural substances such as calcium carbonate, silica and mild surfactants.

Its refreshing aroma provides a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and leaves the mouth with a fresh breath. Good dental hygiene helps prevent gum disease and prevents tooth decay.


75 ml


  • Fresh breath;
  • Protected enamel;
  • Effective mouthwash.


Extracts of thyme, mint and basil - Prevents the growth of plaque, cleanses gently without damaging the enamel, leaving your mouth with fresh breath.

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