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On Fire Man 15 ampoules

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Presentation | 15 single-dose vials of 10ml.

L-Carnitine OnFire Man GoldNutrition® is a formula with L-Carnitine, Rhodiola rosea, Guaraná and Coenzyme Q-10, specially developed taking into account the specificities of the male organism, ideal for active men and with proven effects in terms of body fat control.
Each single-dose bottle provides 3 g of liquid L-Carnitine of the best quality, pure and super concentrated, combined with selected ingredients that promote the maximum action power of this formula.

3 g L-Carnitine base
.500 mg Rhodiola rosea extract
.455 mg Guarana Extract
.85 mg Choline
.20 mg Coenzyme Q-10.

1 single dose before exercise.

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