Wonder Oil with Shea Butter 150ml - Dr.Organic - Crisdietética

Wonder Oil with Shea Butter 150ml - Dr.Organic

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Dr.Organic Wonder Oil with Shea Butter 150ml

Originating from the ancestral African Shea tree in Burkina Faso, shea butter is a rich and highly nutritious ingredient, known for centuries by Burkinese villagers as “women's gold”.

As a versatile oil, it provides concentrated hydration in an ultra rich form, and can be used daily for incredibly smooth skin, nourished nails and soft hair.

This concentrated formula improves smoothness, provides lasting hydration and leaves a warm and pleasant aroma.
Helps restore hydration levels.
Improves the appearance of the skin.
With a luxurious aroma of shea butter.
Ideal for dry skin.
Daily use for body, face and hair.

Free of: parabens, SLS, artificial colors, DEA, phthalates, petroleum products, glycols, BHT isothiazolinones, mineral oils, silicones. Not tested on animals. VEGAN. Dermatologically tested. Result of more than 96% satisfaction. Independent test performed by 56 participants who felt their skin smooth and hydrated after just two weeks of use.

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