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Orange Essential Oil 20ml - Elegant

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Elegant Orange Essential Oil 20ml


Orange essential oil (both sweet and bitter variety) releases stagnant energy in the body, helping to have more serenity and tranquility to deal with strong and destructive emotions, such as anger and hatred. "Orange essential oil (both sweet and bitter variety) releases stagnant energy in the body, helping to have more serenity and tranquility to deal with strong and destructive emotions, such as anger and hatred."

It helps to relieve stress, nervousness and depression. Great for people who feel discouraged or discouraged in the face of adverse situations. It brings movement and strength to act in a positive way.


Very serious people, who take everything "iron and fire" and practically forgot the good things in life, also benefit from the use of this oil, as it rescues "living" in a lighter and more pleasurable way, arousing the desire smile. Moments of change and insecurity are also found in Orange essential oil, which brings encouragement to move forward, getting rid of worries and fears.




In the body, Orange essential oil is used to fight gas, stomach and intestinal colic, lack of appetite, constipation and diarrhea. It also stimulates the gallbladder to produce bile, which facilitates digestion and the elimination of fats. It is a great oil to treat insomnia related to anxiety, in addition to being very efficient in combating colds and flu, even helping to lower the fever.


Aesthetically treats congested skin, eliminating toxins. Because it breaks down fat molecules, it is excellent when applied in drainage massages to activate local circulation, improving cellulite. For containing vitamin C, it also acts as an antioxidant, being used in the treatment of wrinkles and dry skin.



Because it is a citrus essential oil, it contains in its chemical composition substances that cause photosensitivity in the skin. Therefore, after using it in massages or baths, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun. In case of exposure, it is essential to use a sunscreen with an SPF above 30, immediately after the end of the massage.


When used by pregnant or children, it should be well diluted in a vegetable oil or other neutral base to avoid the risk of giving any allergic reaction, since the skin, in these two cases, is very delicate. Overdosing and prolonged use can cause irritation in sensitive skin.



To calm the nerves and invigorate:

Put 1 drop of Orange essential oil in the personal flavoring (which is a kind of ceramic necklace).


To relax and sleep well:

In the bedroom, drop 15 drops of Orange essential oil in the electric scent, 10 minutes before bedtime, and leave it in the socket all night.


Spray a pillow: in a spray bottle, put 90% water and 10% cereal alcohol. Drop 10 to 20 drops of Orange essential oil, close and shake well before using. Spray the spray on the pillow 5 minutes before bedtime (be careful with white bedding, as the oil can stain the fabric because it is yellowish).


Another option is to drip 1 drop of Orange essential oil into a cotton ball and place it inside the pillowcase.


To take care of the body:


- Anti-cellulite massage: in 2 tablespoons of grape seed vegetable oil, drop 4 drops of Orange essential oil and massage the entire area of ​​the thighs, buttocks and abdomen with circular movements, clockwise, from bottom to top, always taking body fluids to the groin area. Apply once a day, preferably at night so that there is no sun exposure, for three weeks. Stop for a week and then resume treatment.


- Rejuvenating mask and facial whitening: prepare the clay first, placing in a container 1 tablespoon of white clay, with the same measure of water. Stir well to form a homogeneous paste. When ready, drop 1 drop of Orange essential oil and mix well. With the help of a brush or even your fingers, apply the mask all over your face and neck. Leave to act for 20 minutes and then remove with damp gauze. Use sunscreen immediately after application. Use this mask once a week, until the stain is cleared.

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