Bio Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml - Provided - Chrysdietética

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Bio 500ml - Provida

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Provida Extra Virgin Bio Coconut Oil 500ml


Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 500 ml. Ingredients: Extra virgin coconut oil * (cold extraction) * from organic production. Minimum lauric acid content: 45%. 100% vegetable product. Distribution controlled by Certiplanet, PT-BIO-04, EU / Non-EU Agriculture.


Nutritional Declaration per 100g: Energy - 3700kJ / 900 kcal; Lipids - 100g, of which saturated - 86g; Carbohydrates-0g, of which sugars-0g; Fiber-0g; Proteins- 0g; Salt- 0g.


Two tablespoons a day outside meals can be added to juices, smoothies, tea or coffee. It can tolerate high levels of heat considering it is used in frying and roasting. Alternative to butter in sweets and pastries. STORE IN A DRY AND FRESH PLACE.

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