Natural WOODLAND Country Diet 2 Kg - Chrysdietética

Natural WOODLAND Country Diet 2 Kg

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Country Diet is an excellent food, formulated for dogs of all breeds and stages of life, made with fresh chicken meat, suitable for human consumption, which offers high palatability, in addition to excellent digestibility for animals with sensitive stomachs.


Dehydrated turkey and chicken (20%), brown rice (15%), peas, rice flour, fresh chicken (10%), chicken fat, lentils (5%), dehydrated salmon (2%), hydrolyzed chicken liver , carob, apple pulp, minerals, salmon oil, brewer's yeast (MOS), fruits: (pear, apple, blueberries) 3000 mg/kg, vegetables: (carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach, ginger) 3000 mg/ kg, rosemary 1200 mg/kg, chicory (FOS) 500 mg/kg, mallow 400 mg/kg, glucosamine and chondroitin.


Protein (28%), fat (16%), fiber (3,5%), crude ash (8%), calcium (1,6%), phosphorus (1,25%), fatty acids: omega 3 (0,3 .XNUMX%) and omeg

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