Matcha Powder 70g - Iswari - Chrysdietética

Matcha Powder 70g - Iswari

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Matcha Powder 70g from Iswari

Organic matcha powder.
Products of biological origin - Breakfasts, Proteins, Macaccinos, Pure Superfoods, Toppings and Snacks.
Iswari Matcha powder is organic and grown in the hills of Japan. It has been used since ancient times by Zen Buddhist monks during their meditation practices. Many traditions and ceremonial practices have developed around Matcha. The tea ceremony in Japan is an institution that for 750 years remained secret and was something exclusive to the Japanese elite.

100% organic matcha powder

Usage Suggestions:
To take full advantage of the properties of Matcha powder from Iswari, simply add a teaspoon of Matcha in a cup with a drop of hot water at about 80 ° C (before boiling). Mix with a teaspoon (better if it is made of wood) until you get a homogeneous and foamy consistency. Then pour the rest of the water, mix and drink to enjoy an ancient drink!

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