Coffee Face Mask 125ml - Dr.Organic - Crisdietética

Coffee Face Mask 125ml - Dr.Organic

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Dr.Organic Coffee Face Mask 125ml

Free of parabens, SLS and mineral oils.
Formulated with a selected blend of natural and biological ingredients.
Not tested on animals.
Formulated with organic coffee bean extract, volcanic clay, refreshing mint oil and an energizing blend of ginger, nettle, black pepper and guarana.
This facial mask is the perfect way to soften, refresh and brighten your skin while enjoying the fresh aromas of peppermint and menthol.
Used once a week it reveals healthy, hydrated and smooth skin.
Usage Suggestions:
Apply a small portion and let it act for a maximum of 10 minutes, or until completely dry. Use warm water and massage in a circular motion until the mask is completely removed, in order to maximize its effect. Use once or twice a week.

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