Korean Ginseng Tonic 750ml - JLFerreira - Chrysdietetic

Korean Ginseng Tonic 750ml - JLFerreira

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Korean Ginseng Tonic 750ml - JLFerreira

Concentration and Memory.

Therapeutic indications

- Invigorating. 
- Combats stress. 
- Improves the circulatory system.
- Anti asthenic.
- Stimulating.


  • Purified water; Fresh Korean Ginseng Root; Honey; Chinese Licorice Extract; Glycyrrhiza Uralensis; Chinese Kudzu Extract Pueraria Thunbergiana Sugar; Chinese Eleutherococcus Acanthopanax Sessiliflorus Extract; Chinese Schizandra Maximowiczia sinensis Extract; Korean Ginseng Extract Panax Ginseng.

Values ​​per 30 ml:

  • Fresh Korean Ginseng Root – 1,8 ml;
  • Honey - 1,5 ml;
  • Chinese Eleutherococcus Extract – 0,3 ml;
  • Korean Ginseng Extract – 0,09 ml;
  • Chinese Licorice Extract – 0,6 ml;
  • Chinese Kudzu Extract – 0,6 ml;
  • Chinese Schizandra Extract – 0,15 ml;

Dosage and Administration
Take ½ to 1 scoop, 1 to 2 times a day, pure or diluted (in water or tea), after meals. 

Pack of 750 ml. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose; Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet; Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light; Keep out of the reach of children; It should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

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