Invougue Cleansing Bath Kit - So Eco - Chrysdietética

Invougue Cleansing Bath Kit - So Eco

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Invougue Cleansing Bath Kit - So Eco

Ideal for gently cleaning and removing dead skin cells. 


- Make-up remover towel, to gently clean the skin. 
- Bath glove, to exfoliate the skin, leaving it revitalized and refreshed. 
- Bamboo hair band, ideal for keeping hair away from the face. 
- Gentle exfoliating disc for the face. 
- Fully recyclable packaging and printed with soy ink.
- Vegan / Vegetarian. 


- Make-up remover towel - 100% Bamboo
- Bathing glove- 50% Ramie, 39% Terylene, 11% elastic. 
- Hair Band - 65% Bamboo, 30% Cotton, 5% Tetoron Cotton. 
- Facial exfoliating pad - 60% linen, 35% cotton, 5% polyester. 

4-piece kit: make-up remover towel, bath glove, hair band and exfoliating pad. 

Hand wash, do not iron, do not use aggressive products when washing, do not use a dryer. 

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