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Glycerin 50ml - PYL

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PYL Glycerin 50ml

It is a good addition to lotions and creams specifically formulated to moisturize the skin. It is a versatile component of many cosmetic formulations.

Glycerin has emollient, lubricating, moisturizing and hygroscopic properties that contribute to the absorption of water in the skin and hair, promoting hydration and smoothness.

It creates a protective film and protects the capillary mass, preventing water from being lost easily when the hair is exposed to very dry environments and other adverse factors for capillary health.



Spread gently on the areas of the skin to be softened / lubricated.



Flasks of 60mL, 150mL, 250mL, 300mL with Metering Pump, 500mL, 1000mL and 5000mL.

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