Softening Micellar Gel for Sensitive Skin 200ml - Cattier - Crisdietética

Softening Micellar Gel for Sensitive Skin 200ml - Cattier

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Cattier Soothing Micellar Gel For Sensitive Skin 200ml

Organic Cosmetics
For sensitive skin - Hypoallergenic *
Face, eyes and lips

Ideal for sensitive and delicate skin, the Micellar Gel gently cleanses and removes the face and eyes.
With a refreshing gel texture, it forms a smooth layer between the cotton pad and the skin, protecting it and preventing redness.
Micelles, gentle cleansing agents, capture impurities without drying the skin.
Brown flax seeds, with soothing properties, attenuate irritation sensations. The pink clay softens and adds shine to the skin.
The floral rose water softens and reinforces the skin barrier.
The skin is clean and healthy.
* formulated to minimize the risk of allergy.
Usage Suggestions:
Apply to the face, eyes and lips, with the help of a cotton pad or with your fingertips. It can be rinsed or not.

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