Intimate Hygiene Feminine Gel 200ml - Cattier - Crisdietética

Intima Hygiene Feminine Gel 200ml - Cattier

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Cattier Women's Intimate Hygiene Gel 200ml

Biological cosmetics.
This intimate cleansing gel without soap and sulfates is specially designed for daily feminine hygiene.
Its ultra-smooth formula, balanced in pH, gently cleanses and provides an ideal protection, respecting the intimate balance.
Enriched with biological extracts of marigold flower and corn, and essential oil of geranium, soothes and softens, avoiding irritations and sensations of discomfort.
* sulfate-free surfactant.

• Organic marigold flower extract: soothing, soothing, protective, regenerative,
• Organic geranium essential oil: soothing, soothing,
• Organic corn extract: soothing, refreshing,
• Glycerin (vegetable origin): moisturizing, smoothing. ^

0% soap
0% sulfates
0% physiological pH
Usage Suggestions:
Apply as a liquid soap and rinse with clean water. It can be used daily, whenever you want, even in the most sensitive moments (pregnancy, irritations, etc.). External use only.

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